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KoRn Soundboard CT KoRn Soundboard CT

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Simple yet sweet

I pretty much like any kind of sound board. What I liked most about this one is that it has a lot of songs. Most soundboards don't even have half of the songs you had in this one. And thank God for the stop sounds feature. I hate soundboards without it. I liked the background, but you should've made a separate background for each Album. Good job on the flash.

FourStar responds:

hmmm, i guess i might release a new version with changing backgrounds

Star Wars Gangsta Rap: SE Star Wars Gangsta Rap: SE

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Simply Amazing

This was a great flash. The lips were in synch with the words, the graphics were crisp, clean, and just beautiful, and the whole thing was put together very nicely. Heh, I could see the resembelence of the Beastie Boys in this flash. And yes, Luke did look like a wigger. Very well done on the remake. It had a big improvement from the first. But um,I have a question. Wasn't this flash televised on a special about Star Wars for the Sci-Fi Channel? I remember seeing it for some Star Wars award thing. It had the best Star Wars parodies in the categories of cartoons, movies, and so forth.I remember the original flash being on that show.

pyropymp responds:

Yes, you saw the original on the sci-fi channel... that was me, and friggin' KEVIN SMITH SAID MY NAME. Damn, I still feel orgasmic thinking about it! Anyways, I've been wanting to top the old version for a looooong time, because I think that one is waaay too overrated.

Old: Woah Cool Old: Woah Cool

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It was good

I liked the style of animation you used in this movie. It was like a xiao xiao movie except with a colorful backkground. I see you have the audio as by Blink-182. I believe this song was sung from a band called LIT. I really don't know why you chose a song such as this. It really doesn't correspond with the movie.

ZT responds:

I changed the cred.s to Lit, a mistake on my part.

Thanks for the review! (but I don't see how this is in anyway like xiao xiao except that both are stick movies)

Recent Game Reviews

Hoe Quest Demo Hoe Quest Demo

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Has Potential

This looks like it will be a great game when it's finished. It looks good so far even though there's only about 5 minutes that's playable. You have nice use of shadows! It makes the animation look professional and gives it a nice touch. You need to work on the sounds more, though. Melvin's voice sounds kind of muffled and the music seems bland. Other than that, it's a cool demo. It will be a really good game when it comes out.

op Unknown op Unknown

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very well thought out

This was a very good game. It had a taste of suspense and fear. The different options kept this game very intriguing. The graphics were a little edgy, but still good.

HalfV responds:

Im really glad because thats what I wanted out of this. Im gonna try better next time.

Newgrounds Trivia Newgrounds Trivia

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


This was an interesting and fun quiz. I didn't know there were rumors that Tom was gay. Who started that? But it needs improvements. The background was very bland and had no color. You could get more music. It Needs more questions. And instead of getting one wrong and you fail, you should have a scoring system at the end. Like a grade or rank. Other than that it was very amusing and I liked it!

Pilot-Doofy responds:

Haha thanks, I'm glad you liked it some what.